I was right - in 1973 ...

Studying English Literature 'O' level in 1973 (that's a GCSE to anyone under the age of 25), I often questioned whether Thomas Hardy had actually ever intended to provide such a deep and meaningful social commentary when writing 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' as my teacher seemed to imply.  Surely he was just telling a jolly good story.

Obviously, I kept such intellectually-challenged thoughts to myself at the time but now, over 40 years later, I can hold my head up high and say that I was right!  And the reason that I now know that I was right is that I have just published my first book, 'Life after Boris', a fable about succession planning in professional partnerships, and whilst the reviews have been encouragingly supportive, many of the reviewers have read into my humble tome, interesting and stimulating messages which, no doubt the reader will find helpful, but which never even crossed my mind at the time of writing.

Perhaps I am putting myself down.  Perhaps I have become so inculcated by the professions that I make profound statements inadvertently.  I'm not sure.  Perhaps you should see for yourself : 'Life after Boris' is available now from or in printed and electronic format from Amazon at