Don't move the goalposts - just because you're losing

Research is showing that 60% of readers are less likely to buy their books on line, following the uproar about the tax schemes being adopted by Amazon and other online sellers.

There is a significant difference between tax avoidance and tax minimisation - but the two are often confused, particularly in the eyes of campaigning journalists and politicians.  If Amazon (and Starbucks and all those others that have come under the spotlight recently) have been breaking the rules, then the full force of the law should be thrown at them.  But if they have simply been operating in a tax-efficient manner within the law - and people still don't like the outcome - then surely their wrath should be directed towards the politicians who make laws that do not appear to be fit for purpose, rather than those who are actually operating perfectly legitimately, within the law. 

It will be interesting to see whether the shift in buying patterns is maintained once the current furore dies down.  My suspicion is that it will not, and all those independent booksellers who have been quietly gloating over the current setback to the online booksellers will need to think carefully before updating their profit forecasts ...

In the meantime, 'Life after Boris', a fable on succession planning aimed at professional services firms is still available both on Amazon and from ... from which all income is fully declared to the UK tax authorities ... take your pick!