Changing the model of professional services networks - who sits on your Board?

In my last blog, I talked about the dangers of too much democracy within the governance structure of a professional services network. The ‘one firm, one vote’ concept, still adopted by many groups (largely because of their inability to change rather than a belief that this is a good model for any other than the smallest firms), may appear to be democratic, but in reality it simply hinders the logical decision-making process.

Changing the model of professional services networks - one firm, one vote

In my last blog, I wrote: ‘Partnership is not a great management approach at a single office level. And when you translate that into the international arena, it is a disaster. Democracy within the typical network business model is all very well in theory, but in practice …’ That comment certainly struck a chord, and so for the next few blogs, I plan to focus on various aspects of network governance where democracy sometimes emerges … but not always with the desired results.