About Us

AU2International membership organisations and networks of independent professional or business services firms are real businesses that need careful management. They need firm management.

And in a marketplace that is changing very rapidly, networks that don’t adapt will disappear.  Clients are becoming more demanding of their advisers; member firms are becoming more demanding of their networks; and quality remains a critical factor in determining the success of any organisation.

There is also a growing recognition that no network can meet all the needs of all of its members all of the time.  The need for collaboration has never been greater.

Recognising the needs that exist within many international networks and membership organisations that are struggling to come to terms with a broad range of management issues, Firm Management was established by James Mendelssohn when he decided to stand down as the CEO and then the Chairman of MSI Global Alliance, a leading International network of independent law and accounting firms.

Firm Management could be described as a consultancy - but James does not see himself as a consultant. He is simply someone who has worked with and observed a number of international networks and over 250 mid-sized law and accounting firms in 100 countries and is interested in how such networks and firms could and should be managed In today’s very dynamic marketplace.

The services offered range from the tailored NETWORKCONNECT service, putting clients in touch with firms offering specific services in any jurisdiction around the world, to more broadly-based consultancy, looking at the strategic options available to networks and membership organisations.