The services offered by Firm Management range from the fixed price NETWORKCONNECT service, through to more broadly-based consultancy services, looking at the strategic options available to networks and membership organisations.


NETWORKCONNECT is a tailored but fixed price service, putting clients of Firm Management in touch with overseas firms offering specific services in any jurisdiction around the world.  The service reflects the fact that no single network will ever be able to meet all the needs of all of its member firms - or their clients - all of the time.

In addition, individual firms, that may not be part of an international network, are also able to subscribe to the NETWORKCONNECT service.  This will enable them to win and retain clients who might require services in an overseas jurisdiction and who, without access to the NETWORKCONNECT service, might feel it necessary to use a larger firm with established international links.


At a strategic level, the areas in which Firm Management are able to help include:

  • Strategic review of options available to networks
  • Facilitating network mergers or acquisitions
  • Support with governance issues
  • Recruitment of key network personnel
  • Working on succession planning strategies


At Firm Management, we also have access to a wide network of specialist consultants, and we will never hesitate to refer you on to somebody else if we feel that such a course would be in your best interests.

Please do not hesitate to contact James Mendelssohn at any time for a confidential and no obligation discussion.