'James has a big job for one of the worlds leading Accounting & Legal Alliances and still manages to find time to work with everyone to explore an issue or find a solution. James combines solid leadership, terrific people skills and vision and is very approachable. With an open mind to take on new ideas, James is continually looking to improve what he does as well as continue to improve the value propostion for MSI Global Alliance and its members in over 100 countries.'

Alec Blacklaw, Director Business Improvement & Strategy,
Marsdens, Perth, Australia


'James has the unique ability to guide management and partners of professional service organizations to timely, reasonable decisions related to some of their most pressing issues, from strategy to compensation to succession planning. His style is such that he provides his target audience the tools to come to a sound direction and conclusions by addressing potentially high-conflict situations in a positive manner and gaining successful outcomes.'

Tim O’Toole, Managing Partner, Vestal & Wiler, Orlando, Florida


'I knew beforehand that I would find it hugely beneficial to be able to talk to you - and it certainly was!'

The Managing Director,
Financial Services company in the UK